General Purpose Spray Units

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Liquid Weed and Dust Control Equipment. Will spray almost any non-powder based chemical!

General Purpose Spray Units

Pickup mounted for Dust Control, Insect & Weed Control.

305 Gallon

305 Gallon


200 Gallon

Can be used with full boom, side spray, or hose.


16 ft wide side spray

Hannay PW2 crank reel: Up to 90 ft of ½” hose and pro grade spray gun

Will spray almost any non-powder based chemical.

Standard Features
  • Easy loading skid (no forklift needed)
  • Self filling tank (no auxiliary pump needed)
  • Long bed & short bed (200 gal) versions- 305 gal long bed only
  • Honda motor with high volume low pressure pump
  • In-cab control needs no permanent wiring
  • Flow meter showing gallons used
  • Pressure gauge to assure proper spray
  • 2 sets of changeable spray heads: fan and ice cutter(stream)
  • 25 ft hose with hand sprayer
  • Plow-safe boom moves to safe position out of the way for plowing
  • Safer mount system with only 2 holes to drill
  • Brand name non-proprietary components (easy repairs)
  • Tested over 9 years – tried & true in production
Spray System Options
  • Electric start Honda engine
  • 85 ft hose reel for sidewalks
  • 10 ft long 2” diameter filler hose to fill from storage tank
  • 3rd set of spray heads- high volume fan
  • 16 ft wide side spray adapter