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High Country Ice Solutions providing Liquid Anti-icing and Deicing Equipment for Contractors and Municipalities.

Ice Control

We specialize in complete solutions for the contractor. Over the last decade we’ve developed a tried and true product for even the most discerning contractor. We use all brand name non-proprietary components for easy repairs, and have designed a safer mounting system that requires just two holes to be drilled. Currently we have optoins for trucks and UTV’s.

Truck Spray Systems

All of HighCounty’s truck spray systems have uniform features, electrical systems and plumbing. We offer 305 gal systems for 350/3500 series trucks and 200 gal systems for 250/2500 series trucks.

Model 305 L
305 gal system for long bed dually 1T trucks
Min 11000 lbs GVW

305 Gallon

Model 205 S
200 gal system for ¾ T short box pickups
Min 8800 lbs GVW

Model 200 L
200 gal system for long bed 3/4T trucks
Min 8800 lbs GVW
Photos not available at the moment, check back soon!

Model 450 FB*
450 gallon system for 450/4500 series trucks
Min 15,000 lbs GVW
*Images show optional 6 gallon oversize fuel tank

Truck System Standard Features
  • Easy loading skid (no forklift needed)
  • Self filling tank (no auxiliary pump needed)
  • Long bed & short bed (205 gal) versions- 305 gal long bed only
  • Honda motor with high volume low pressure pump
  • In-cab control needs no permanent wiring
  • Flow meter showing gallons used
  • Pressure gauge to assure proper spray
  • 2 sets of changeable spray heads: fan and ice cutter(stream)
  • 25 ft hose with hand sprayer
  • Plow-safe boom moves to safe position out of the way for plowing
  • Safer Mount System with only 2 holes to drill for pickup versions and 4 holes for flat-bed versions
  • Brand name non-proprietary components (easy repairs)
  • Tested over 9 years – tried & true in production
Spray System Options
  • Electric start Honda engine
  • 85 ft hose reel and commercial spray gun for sidewalks and stairs
  • 10 ft long 2” diameter filler hose to fill from storage tank
  • 3rd set of spray heads- high volume fan

UTV Spray System
UTV Spray system for utility vehicles with 800lbs carrying capacity in the bed

UTV1_small UTV2_small UTV3_small

UTV system includes these great features standard:

  • Designed specifically for deicing and anti-icing work
  • 68 gallon poly tank
  • Lightweight aluminum frame- easy 2 man loading
  • Dual 12v electric pump design with dual filter screens
  • Simple wiring to battery
  • In-cab control included
  • Pressure gauge for accurate coverage
  • Adjustable pressure valve
  • Changeable spray heads: lo-flow fan (included)and ice cutter (optional)
  • 4 spray head boom- 6 ft wide coverage
  • 50 ft hose and reel with hand sprayer
  • Plow-Safe boom- out of the way for plowing
  • Mounts using bed anchors in most UTVs and ratchet straps
  • Boom mounts to trailer hitch receiver
  • Brand name non-proprietary components (easy repairs)
  • Tested in production environment
  • Can be used for weed, dust and insect spraying as well