Snowplows for Homeowners, Contractors and Municipalities

High Country Equipment has snowplows to fit nearly every vehicle – from ATV’s and UTV’s to half-ton and Super Duty trucks. Give us a call and we can discuss options to install a commercial-grade snowplow on your existing vehicle or entire fleet of snow removal equipment. We recommend and sell Boss Snowplows – the industry leader in snow and ice removal equipment for over 30 years – simply the best snow plows for homeowners, contractors and municipalities.

We Provide Snowplow Sales & Service in the Colorado Foothills and to the West


ATV Snowplows

ATV plows for most newer vehicles. Straight and V-Plows available. 500cc or larger engines required.

UTV Snowplows

Plows for most “work-type” UTV’s. Both straight and V blades available.

The Top Homeowners Choice.

HTX Series for half-ton trucks and Jeeps. Regular steel and stainless steel, straight blade.

HTX Vplow for half ton pickups

Super Duty Straight Plows

Premium commercial grade plows, sizes from 7.5 to 9 ft. Regular steel, stainless steel and poly moldboards.

VTX Plows

Plows available in 7’6”, 8’2”, and 9’2” Models. The industry work horse!


The Two Most Innovative Plows in the Commercial Arena

DXT models with double release in 8’2” and 9’2” models. Regular steel and stainless steel

Boss EXT plow- extends from 8 ft to 10 ft with the touch of a button.