Ice Control Products

HighCountry Spray Systems specializes in complete ice control solutions for contractors, businesses and municipalities. Over the last decade we’ve developed tried-and-true products for even the most discerning user. We use all brand-name non-proprietary components for easy repairs.

We Offer the Following Solutions for Ice Management

  • Sidewalk Sprayers – Our walk-behind ice control sprayers are as designed and constructed with the same quality and care as our larger, truck-mounted ice control systems, but are appropriate for smaller areas.
  • Truck Mounted Sprayers – All of HighCounty’s truck spray systems have uniform features, electrical systems and plumbing. We offer 305 gal systems for 350/3500 series trucks and 200 gal systems for 250/2500 series trucks.
  • Custom Builds – Need something more specific? We’ve been designing and building ice control equipment for over 10 years, and have the expertise and knowledge to create a system that will meet your needs.

HighCountry Ice Solutions equipment addresses a shortage of spray unit offerings in the anti-icing and deicing market with three models of pickup based liquid spray systems. These are complete systems with nothing further to buy for the truck side of the process. All three utilize industry standard components for simple repairs and long life in a design proven in testing since 2003. HighCountry units are becoming the choice for contractors getting started in anti-icing or needing a smaller rig for tight quarters.